Culinary Studio

For your events, we have 3 types of kids' menus and 16 adult menus. Choose a menu to cook and enjoy! You will cook 3 dishes with a professional chef TOGETHER! Soft drinks are included. You can bring your own alcohol at no extra charge. BYOB. Soft drinks, tea, and coffee are provided free of charge. You can also bring your own alcohol at no additional cost."
We will prepare 3 dishes (salad or appetizer, hot and dessert)
There are three hefty courses per person: a main course with a side dish and a dessert!
Soft drinks for free
There are tea, coffee, water and juices. No charges for alcoholic beverages brought to our place.
Kids' menu
(over 4 years old)
Fun and simple to cook, lovely and tasty to eat!
Cooking birthday parties for kids in NYC!
The recipes are easy to follow and perform again at home
Find out more about useful cookery life-hacks and add some star dishes to your personal list.

Kids' menU

Never before has cooking been so much fun!
Each menu includes three dishes and soft drinks.
KIDS' MENU №1 "Pizza"
(Ages 5 and over)
● Pizza with toppings of your choice
● Shortbread with stained glass candy
● Milkshake

KIDS' MENU №2 "Pasta"
(Ages 5 and over)
● Сoloured pasta with meatballs and cheese
● Fruit salad topped with whipped cream and nuts
● Fruit smoothie
KIDS' MENU №3 "Burgers"
(Ages 8 and over)
● Caramelized onion BBQ burger
● Oven roasted Idaho potatoes - baked apples with cranberries and curd
● Chicken Caesar salad with creamy dressing and crispy croutons


Let us know about allergies or desire to remove some ingredients from the menu while talking with the manager.
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